Our Company has been involved in health care business since a long time. Over the time, we have built a solid reputation for providing top quality medical care at reasonable price. We select and recruit our doctors & medical staff through largest & reputed hospitals in other countries.These people are selected due to their high qualification & good experience in diagnosis & treatment of all kinds of diseases.
Our internal patient handling system is designed to provide the best medical care in an organized & efficient way.We provide best medical care at very reasonable prices. And we do so without compromising the quality of the medical care.
As we open the doors of Jubail center to the people of Eastern Province which covers in and around of Jubail, We personally assure you of our best services for you & your loved ones.


The SJMC staffs are continually motivated and directed towards teamwork.Their ideas are taken in to consideration through a well moderated “Ideas Center”. The different units and departments all try to excel in their respective fields and give warm welcoming orientations to the new recruits. IMC staffs are fully aware of what it takes to function in a multi- national and multi- cultural environment and help each new member to adjust with ease.


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