Shifa Al-Jubail Medical Center has been involved in health care business since a long time. Over the time, we have built a solid reputation for providing top quality medical care at reasonable price. We select and recruit our doctors & medical staff through largest & reputed hospitals in other countries.These people are selected due to their high qualification & good experience in diagnosis & treatment of all kinds of diseases.
Our internal patient handling system is designed to provide the best medical care in an organized & efficient way.We provide best medical care at very reasonable prices. And we do so without compromising the quality of the medical care.
As we open the doors of Jubail center to the people of Eastern Province which covers in and around of Jubail, We personally assure you of our best services for you & your loved ones.


The SJMC staffs are continually motivated and directed towards teamwork.Their ideas are taken in to consideration through a well moderated “Ideas Center”. The different units and departments all try to excel in their respective fields and give warm welcoming orientations to the new recruits. IMC staffs are fully aware of what it takes to function in a multi- national and multi- cultural environment and help each new member to adjust with ease.



Services and Fcilities

  • Pathology and Laboratory
    Pathology and Laboratory Department provides top-quality medical laboratory services with state-of-the-art equipment at competitive prices in the least time possible combined with emphasis on excellence, satisfaction and continuous quality improvement.
  • Radiology
    Department uses a modern X-ray unit fluoroscopy attachment. The fluoroscopy system has become the new standard in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ultrasonography
    The ultrasound unit is fully computerized and uses multiple probes. The patients can obtain the results in hardcopy or on a CD if they wish.
  • Diagnostic & Support Facilities
    Tests are done for new Iqama& bi-yearly test for health card (Baladiyya Card) for the people working in KSA. And now it is upgraded according to the Kingdom’s standards i.e., directly uploading the reports online.
  • Pharmacy Services
    The pharmacy at SJMC is fully staffed with qualified professionals who aim to achieve the finest pharmaceutical care services for the global citizen by creating a “healing environment” that emphasizes a holistic approach towards patient-care, education and research while honoring our culture and Islamic values.
  • Clinic Routine Summery
    SJMC has the following clinical treatments rendered by the concerned doctors and specialist at present.
  • ER Support Facilities
    SJMC Emergency Services are fully operational 24 hours, ready to receive you any time. A team of board certified consultants and emergency medicine specialists that are highly skilled and experienced are at hand to treat every emergency. The Emergency Department is conveniently located amid the critical departments to facilitate rescue operations by the right physician and appropriate department. The division of ambulance services is also available for all of your medical transportation needs. Ambulance is staffed and prepared to provide the most advanced critical care transportation and pre-hospital care. \

  • Physio-therapy Clinic
    Offers full range of test & diagnosis for the rehabilitation of people recovering from surgeries, Strokes, Ageing, automobile & industrial accidents. Our highly qualified Physio-therapists test & suggest the best suited electro, hydro or exercise therapy regime to help the patients recover quickly & with minimum effort. For this our ET, HT and exercise units use most modern equipments.
  • Dental Center

    We commit to accuracy in the diagnosis and the cure. In our pursuit of excellence in providing holistic dental care, we have designed our dental center with the latest, most sophisticated equipment. We have also carefully selected our doctors in line with the SJMC vision.

Clinic Routine

Type of treatment


GP Clinics

General Medical conditions

General Practitioners


InternalDiseases Including Respiratory conditions



All Ear, Nose & Throat condition, using most modern computerized ENT diagnosis equipment.

ENT Specialist


Eye related conditions, using most modern computerized Ophthalmic equipment.

Ophthalmic Specialist

Dentist – Male & Female

Complete dental clinic using most modern computerized dental equipment.



All conditions concerning Children

Pediatrics Specialist

Female GP Clinic

General Medical conditions for Women

General Practitioner

OB & Gynecology

Gynecology related conditions







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